Skipton, Yorkshire
(with Rivington Morris, White Rose Morris and Hexadaisy)
14th May 2017

A selection of the many pictures from the day but...
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A composite of two pictures , here is a bit of a team photo (click on picture for big version)
R-L: Rivington (red skirts), Thelwall dancing, White Rose men behind, Hexadaisy in green tops.

Rivington dance with some White Rose and Thelwall observing closely

White Rose dance whilst Thelwall cast a critical eye

Hexadaisy in action - mainly only four dancrs up at any time

Th dancing spot

Thelwall across the canal

Winding up for a big clash of sticks

Rivington ladies in action

Geoff takes charge of the sticks

Hexadaisy dancing to an attentive audience

Good crowd, albeit slow to assemble

En Route to new location

Not even Kevin can reach ---->

At the new location

Mother and daughter

Bit of product placement - though not quite sure how to pronounce In't'rio

Andrew gets separated from his shadow

To the high street

Music and a cast of eight

Swing backs whilst running out of pavement

That one went for a six (had it been cricket)...
...or cleared the hazards (had it been golf)

With or without the beard - can't decide so...

The shaven beard clearly given an extra bit of height off the ground 

Is one person right or one person wrong

Spot the difference competition

Front lads having a bit of a knees up

Back to the canalside

End of the day and Bonny Green Garters

Half Gyp

Big Finish 

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