The Packhorse, Culcheth
3rd May 2017

Rick and Geoff spring towards each other

We all go round and round

Morris Men and Beer - Never, well, hardly ever

You don't have to be little to run through the set

Grown-ups do it, too

Debut of "The Warrington Morris Dance"
Music by Stephen Hough (arr. Jasper) dance by Thelwall Morris Men
(images taken from video)

Start - odd side set off up the set and the evens go down


Can't remember the name of this figure - it keeps changing

Rounds - middles anti-clockwise, the rest clockwise 

The end - well, just after, as the musical director turns to take a bow

Lorraine has a go joining in the dance "Banbury Bill"...

...then wishes she hadn't

We continue with a second dancing spot till after the sun has set and the light has faded

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