St George's Day
Costello's Bar with Bollin Morris
23rd April 2017

Thelwall Team photo for the day - well, we're all on it!

L-R: Pierre, Jasper, Geoff, Rob, Steve, David, Rick, Andrew, Kevin, Malcolm

Here we go with the day's dancing

Bollin started and we watched...
...Then it as us...

Corner dance "Webley Jig"

Spirit of St George

Lots of leaping about required

Music and men in perfect harmony and synchronisation

Going into the roundy bit...

...then finish facing up

Roundy bit with a stick...   ...we are sooooo versatile

Bollin give it some stick, too

Unfortunately, Andrew had a second hat

We always poster the pub in advance

We have ways of making you view our poster

Pity we're not a mixed team...
...we could have postered the ladies loo, too

Bollin take the stage with Bollin's Morris Minors

Time for audience participation, Thelwall Style

The team dance and Kevin "preps" Alice and her mum

Last checks... ...we all know what to do...

The couple perfectly dance through the set

We can only lift one...   ...mum is clearly very disappointed

A picture of our best side (some would say)

Thelwall finish with Ring O'Bells with another view of our best side.. 
...methinks the photographer believes us to have pert bottoms - *see footnote

Bollin end with an all who will last dance - two Thelwall Lads join in

Lots of Stick clashing...

...dancing around...

...and end up best mates!

Thanks to all of the musicians of the day - here are some

Pierre and Jasper

* Pert: "attractively small and well shaped"

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