Easter Monday Tour
17th April 2017

Thelwall Morris Men - A full turn out

Standing L-R: Bill, Steve, Kevin, Jasper, Geoff, Rob, David, Rick, Malcolm, Henry
Kneeling/Sitting L-R: Andrew, Pierre, Del

On with the Easter Monday tour and a new starting pub this year

The Rope and Anchor, Dunham

With the current state of the team age, injuries and other ailments, 
how appropriate we use the Disables spaces as dance area

The anchor on the sign of the Rope and Anchor

The dancers dance "Constant Billy" from Headington
(coincidentally the band is playing the same"

One of the occasions that we had the big(ger) band sound as the team dance "The Nutting Girl"

A short break whilst Ruth Bibby gives a clogging demonstration

Ruth dances a hornpipe (Jasper plays, but is off camera)

Dancers form up while other take five

A dynamic full team photo - Critical observers, dancers and musicians
L-R: Malcolm, Bill, David, Kevin (or rather rear-end of him), Andrew, Henry, Rick, Steve, Rob, Geoff, Jasper, Pierre and Del

Setting off on the next dance - Banbury Bill

Corner crossing

What a fun dance

The Swan with 2 Nicks, Little Bollington

"The Furze Field" from Bampton

Low level clashing in "Bean Setting"

High level ditto in ditto

 Next Old Tyler from Ducklington

A bit of "Old Tyler"

Another bit of it

The end of it (Old Tyler, for those with a short memory span)

Pierre and Del

Fancy folded hankies for "Laudnum Bunches" with members of the public waiting patiently to leave in their cars

The Pickering Arms, Thelwall

The Music Men for the first dance... ... "The Quaker" from Bampton

and if your eyes are about 15ft apart try for a stereo view

The step before the hook in an Oddington dance (Galopede, as I recall)
It may look like Steve has two sticks, but, trust me, he hasn't

Feet not so firmly fixed to the ground

Jasper insists on doing a dance before deserting the team to go see Warrington RL play 

In cherished number plate speak PJ12 would be PJR
(Jasper's initials - spooky, eh)

There now follows the last figure of the penultimate dance
Heading up and heading out, and "Ring o'Bells, respectively

Heading out

Heading up

I know it's the other way round, but it's not as visually pleasing with the pictures transposed

Bonny Green Garters to finish

Rounds - one way...


...go back then...   ...dance off...

Another full team picture (without Jasper, who, by now will be at the Rugby ground)
L-R: Rob (just through the door so barely see him, Geoff, Malcolm, Steve, Andrew, Rick, David, Kevin, Henry, Bill, Pierre and Dell

Dessert after the sandwiches - Gingerbread [Thelwall Morris] Men
(courtesy of Thelwall's own Masterchef, David)

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