43rd Annual General Meeting
5th October 2016

Attendees (with product placement)

L-R (standing): Geoff, Kevin, Steve, Henry, Bill, Jasper, Del, Rick, Malcolm
L-R (seated): Rob (Foreman), David (Squire), Andrew (Bagman)

The Annual Bagman's Awards took place

Two members of the side had attended all practices and outings throughout the year - declared Champions

Rob - current Foreman

Geoff - Thelwall Morris Founder Member (1973)

The traditional awards were as follows...

The Slippery Ferret
(Most feeble/worst excuse for not turning up)

Awarded to Kevin for continual absence with only excuse being provided by Facebook postings

The framed sketch, shown above, had been missing since 2008, and every year since, members have been 
asked to check their homes to see if they had it, and every year (since 2008) everyone had denied having it.
A replacement copy - a photograph of the original - was used as the "new" award.
In June, for a recruitment display, members were asked to bring in the awards they held, to exhibit.
Steve brought in the original award, claiming it was found whilst (re-)decorating a room at home - yea, right!

Coveting the Slippery Ferret award

Steve is presented with the the Newer, but now old, Slippery Ferret award in perpetuity.
The award comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.
He obviously covets the award  greatly, Alternatively he was just particularly dull in not realising he had it.

The Dull Bugger
(Dullest/daft/stupid action of the year)

Awarded to Steve - see short novel above

Silver Shoes  ("clay sculpture of two left feet")
(Worst dancing mistake made by someone who should know better)

Presented by Squire David to Andrew who...
At the first dancing spot of the season, at the start of the first dance, in the first figure, goofed it up.
Plus, at the last dancing spot of the season...
Forgot which dance was being done and failed to start it, until second bar of music, 
failed to start the chorus (forgot was 1st corner), then ended the chorus by turning the wrong way.

Bagman's Medal
(for acting above and beyond the call of duty)

David displays his joy at receiving the Bagman's Medal.
Using his carpentry skills in  making a new collecting box and also, more importantly,
initiating, organising and pushing the team to be involved in a recruitment campaign all year.
(Though in his moment on National Radio (5-Live), at Tatton Park, failed to mention the team name)

and finally...

The Thelwall Morris Men's Man of the Year
(Voted on by members of the team)

Rob is presented with the Thelwall Morris man of the Year

The Election of Officers for 2016-17

Squire: Sam "Henry" Addison
Foreman: Rob Pracy
Bagman: Andrew White

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