Grappenhall Heys Apple Day
2nd October 2016

Just for a change we'll start with the music for the day

L-R: Andrew, Pierre and Del

The team defy gravity

The team finish clashing high - except Steve who adjusts his kit malfunction

Geoff and Rob feeling elated

All hands in the air for another dance down among the apple trees during which...

...Andrew ignores the concept of centre of gravity in remaining upright during the roundy bit

Eight men in action

Part of the dance called swing backs, and not synchronised farting

We got down a lot lower with straight back in our younger days

Once again the team defy gravity and float above the ground

Not so much "Jack in the Green", more "Malcolm in the Bushes"

A "Malcolm in the Bushes" eye view of the team

The team display their acrobatic skills is there no start end to their talent

Relaxing during the break - time for a cuppa and chat with the crowd

Change of location, now, with eight men in action, again

The big finish to "Ring O'Bells"

What a bunch of posers - any photo opportunity

Time to end the day with a team photo

L-R: Rick, Andrew, Steve, Geoff, Kevin, Bill, ob, Pierre, Henry, Malcolm, Del

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Photographs 2016 Thelwall Morris Men
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