Sandbach Day of Dance
10th September 2016

First order of the day was a group photo

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Groups (L-R): Black Dog Molly, Amounderness, Stone the Crows, Waters Green Morris in blue/green), 
Mobberley Rose Queen Dancers, Thelwall Morris Men behind them, Doomsday Morris, Marshalls (not morris)
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First spot at The Old Hall [Restaurant and Pub]

Amounderness waiting patiently for Thelwall to Finish leaping about

Mobberley Rose Queen Dancers give excellent display of the morris dance from Mobberley

Big finish with big sticks - note split stick, second from back

Next spot at The Cobbled Square

Long sticks away and short sticks out

Black Dog Molly in action

White and Black Dog with friend

Kevin gives a one-to-one workshop on stick clashing

The team prepare for a caper off the left foot during the dance "Step and Fetch Her"

Unsuspecting young member of the public joins in

Lunch break

Kevin has a jumbo sized sausage

After lunch, Rick is surrounded by low hedge
Literally boxed in.

After Lunch at the Cobbles first...

Mobberley Rose Queen Dancers had many costume changes to perform a wide variety of dances.
Here they are performing a Hornepipe dance 

Thelwall socialise with Stone the Crows

...then back to The Old Hall

Kevin gets in the way and Horwich (orange sashes) and Chorlton Cloghoppers (red skirts) are waiting to perform

Kevin out of the way and a view of the Old Hall - Oh, and Thelwall Morris Men, too.

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Photographs 2016 Thelwall Morris Men
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