English Country Weekend at Home Farm, Tatton Park
29th August 2016

Booked to do our first spot at 12.30, due to traffic problems we had 6 dancers with Pierre and Andrew as the band.
The 12.30 team in action...

L-R: Andrew, Pierre, Geoff, Henry, Rick, Steve, Dave, Rob

Up the set to music and some of the crowd


...and dancers

Dancing to the crowd

A 4-man Ducklington dance to give 2 dancers a rest

Del (far  right) arrives in time for the last dance of this spot

Interval, and time for others to get through the traffic.
In the meantime...

Adopt an animal - cute and cuddly (which is which)

David is interviewed for "Afternoon Edition"  
on Radio 5 Live

Jasper (far left) arrives for second spot and releases Andrew to dance

Now we have 9 dancers, with 8 of them on display above, doing a Lichfield dance

Same dance (from Lichfield) seen up the set - cameraman from somewhere capturing the action

The end of an Oddington Stick and hanky dance

Malcolm casts a critical eye over the Moulton dance appropriately called "Knuckles"
Honestly, it may not look like it, but there WAS an audience watching

The big finish, featuring the entire company (Henry doing a solo jig, perhaps, off to the left

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Photographs 2016 Thelwall Morris Men
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