[Not] Lymm Rushbearing
14th August 2016

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Lymm Rushbearing 2016 was cancelled due to traffic management issues (despite training by organisers) and lack of Council funding even though other Lymm events are proceeding as normal without issue.
The Lymm Morris decided to dance as normal in Lymm that day (including their pre-rushbearing dance spots)
Some interested Lymm residents also turned out to walk the rushbearing "route"
This is a picture intensive account of the day.

Firstly, who turned out for the "Rushbearing" at 4pm at Lymm Village Hall.

Re-wind to 2.30 and our first dance spot by the canal

The canal is behind the crowd (honest)

The Brewery Tap (pub) for second and third spot

"The Star"

Musicians (L-R): Peter, Pierre, Alex and Del

Then, on to the Lower Dam

Ready to go

Mid dancing the "Double Cast"

Visitor enjoying the unusual event

On to Pepper Street car park and the Village Hall to wait until 4pm

Team bonding

Selective team with special guest

Off we go with the Not the Lymm Rushbearing procession

Instant traffic management problems - a car wants access to the car park

The roads are so busy - would be ironical if hit by only car on the road as it is musician Pierre driving to the next spot

The team make a brisk pace

"Procession" just about keeping up

The only real traffic problem...  ...crossing the A56

At the Church

[Bul}Rushes left at the (locked) church door

Standing (L-R): Alex, Tony, Rick, Henry, Ian, Peter, Rob, Steve
Kneeling (L-R): Del, Geoff, Andrew, David

Annual performance at the Church Green pub

Yup, the musicians were there, too
(For L-R names see musician photo above)


Arty shot

"Can I take a selfie" said the lady in blue - turned into a team photo and not a selfie

Leaving the Church and Church Green

Nice wide set on the way back

Team photo after the event at the Lymm Cross

And a couple more photos at the Lymm Cross + Older similar views

A similar view to 1840 - perhaps next year we'll take it from further left... ...see below

Part of 1840-ish "Painting"

At Lymm Rushbearing 2016

Lymm Rushbearing 1910

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