Stop Hunger Now Campaign
Packing of 100,000 Meals
13 August 2016

See the poster for the event

The team for the day

Standing (L-R): Rob, Jasper, David, Andrew, Geoff, Rick, Malcolm
On their knees (L-R): Del, Box of Sticks, Henry

As the shift workers change over, we [attempt] to entertain

Meanwhile in the packing hall

The Mayor of Warrington joins in with the packing

The dancers part to reveal the poster advertising the event (though I suspect the people in there knew about it)

BBC NW Tonight film for a report on TV, we dance whilst the packers remain focussed on packing

That's us done, then

Time for a quick photo shoot of the music men outside, as we disperse to go home...

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Photographs 2016 Thelwall Morris Men
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