The Packhorse, Culcheth
(with Rivington Morris)
13th July 2016

A great night dancing out with Rivington Morris

Hands up, horizontal or down - you decide
The red skirts of Rivington Morris in the background

Rivington line up to display

I've said this before, but we're pretty good at the roundy bits...

Rivington are OK are roundy bits, too, both big...

...and small

Interesting question here... are 5 lads out of line or just Rob, the foreman of the side, and dancing at no.1

The team line up for Constant Bill from Headington...  ...with a chorus you can drive a bus through

...well, perhaps not a bus but...

...a scooter...

...and s bicycle

Kevin and Malcolm admire the athletic agility of certain members of the team

Dancers and Band

Watching the back four in Ring o'Bells

Wonderful line from Rivington (apart from the musician)
Thelwall lads admire the precision dancing from their guests

Rivington continue to entertain

Finish off with a Thelwall Team Photo (of sorts)

L-R: Henry (blue top + tankard), Rob, David, Steve, Geoff (stood), Pierre, Bill, Kevin's legs, Malcolm, Jasper, Del.
Behind camera: Andrew

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Photographs 2016 Thelwall Morris Men
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