Axe and Cleaver, Dunham (with Ringheye Morris)
6th July 2016

Ringheye dance their version of Abram

Ringheye finish their version of Abram

A Headington dance, Laudnum Bunches - note the parachute shaped hold on thehankies

A dance of their own invention called something....

...which also involves stepping in line

A Headington short stick dance this time

Some vigorous clashing involved

Andrew in concerned fatherly look.
Congratulations, its a stick set

Ringheye in action again

Arch-type bit of the dance

Thelwall watch and generates an almost casual team photo

Bledington dance - William and Nancy

Tops turn out, middles move up the middle...
...due to perfect positioning, can't see what bottoms are doing
(so to speak)

You have to admit, we do roundy bits pretty good (I don't put the cr*p ones on here)

The Apres Morris

1. Musician have a bit of a session
2. Team membrs chat with audience and amongst themselves
3. Team member fraternises with the enemy our guests
4. Henry packs away the sticks

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Photographs 2016 Thelwall Morris Men
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