Walking Tour of Thelwall
28th June 2016

The second revived annual walking tour started with the gathering at The Pickering Arms - spiritual home of the team

The team prepare themselves for the evening that is to come, but first...

...the presentation of "The belt" to Malcolm marking the end of his apprenticeship with the team

Village Close

First stop with several of the residents coming out to watch.
Bringing a bell to ring to announce our arrival helped a bit.

Off we go, with "Little Johnny England"

Tip of the stick to the ground behind

Some roundy bits

Mobberley Close

Again, a few residents came out to watch

The stepping for Bean Setting

The final "airborne" chorus

Harlow Close/Pelham Road

A pleasant surprise here - a crowd had formed to greet us (well, about 5 people).
More came out to watch following the bell and the music striking up.

Geoff with traditional
cake on a sword/bayonet

The music strikes up - Andrew photo bombs

The airborne morris also occurs in other dances

A new dance to us, The Rose Tree. Though it is one of our usual dances, but a different tune

Three-quarters of the set doing a back-to-back with perfect stepping in unison

The ring in Ring o' Bells...

...and the big finish

L-R: Jasper, Pierre and Del
(The musicians, but you didn't need me to tell you that).

Selworthy Drive

Once again the noise brought out some residents - no, not to tell us to be quiet

The set dances a foot-down in a Bampton dance whilst the non-dancers show complete disinterest

Andrew poses for the camera (half a second earlier and he would have been airborne, too.

A "dangerous" stick dance to end this spot

The Pickering Arms

Only the devoted followers stuck it out tothe bittere end.

Headington's "Laudnum Bunches" with fancy folded hankies...

...which end with an "OI" together

Geoff dances in laid back mode, puffing on his pipe

Some point during our last dance - Skirmish

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Photographs 2016 Thelwall Morris Men
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