Bawming the Thorn, Appleton
Thelwall Rose Queen
18th June 2016

Bawming the Thorn

Only a team photo from here, courtesy of Warrington Worldwide
L-R: Henry, Geoff, Rick, Steve, Pierre (sat), Kevin, Del, David, Rob, Bill, Malcolm

Then later that same day....

Thelwall Rose Queen

A few pictures from Mike Moss Photography, reproduced with permission (sort of)

Back to the field and a team photo in front of the team gazebo

It will come as no surprise to learn it's the same people, though Del seems to gone off for a cuppa.
L-R: Kevin, Malcolm, Bill, Rob, Geoff [just] in front of David, Rick, Brian the Lion, Henry, Pierre

The team Gazebo had an exhibition featuring various aspects of the Team and the morris in general

This shows the display boards from The Morris Ring with an interested party having a good read

Moving round the display tables can be seen, also the team is teaching a couple of folks a dance

The display had a sort of collage thing of Thelwall Morris Men at Thelwall Rose Queen, over the years (opens in own window)

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