Chester Folk Festival, Kelsall
28th May 2016

A great day at Kelsall for Chester Folk Festival - The sun shone, which always makes a big difference.
There were two dancing spots - The Lord Binning and The Royal Oak

The Lord Binning

This picture is the team photo - everyone, or at least a bit of them, is on it
L-R: Jasper, Pierre, Andrew, Geoff, Dave, Rob, [yellow flower of] Rick['s hat], Kevin, Bill, Henry, Malcolm

The set all wound up for a vigorous stick clash
Note the yellow flower on Rick's hat (centre right) star of the previous photo

Chester Morris Men perform a garland dance

Flag and Bone (doing a flag dance)

Ryburn Longsword doing a, well, longsword dance

Us, again. A six man dance this time.

Ruth Bibby was also there to demonstrate Lancashire Step Clogging...

At the Lord Binning...

...and Royal Oak...   ...speaking of which...

The Royal Oak

Once again the whole team perform to the crowd (behind the cameraperson).
Not sure if the top couple smell, but the bottom six seem to be keeping well away.

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Photographs 2016 Thelwall Morris Men
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