St George's Day with Chester Morris Men, Chester
23rd April 2016

Lets start with the team photo for the day

L-R (standing): Andrew, Henry, Rick, Bill, Malcolm, Geoff, Kevin, Steve, Del, David
(sitting): Pierre
L-R (kneeling): Jasper, Rob

Our first dance was at Chester Cross

Looking down Eastgate Street

Moving on to the yard of The Commercial

Chester Morris, the hosts, watch the proceedings with interest

Jasper, Pierre and Del strike up the band

Back and down Eastgate Street 

Bert Cleaver on pipe and drum

Barnsley Longsword, now jacketed up, dance to Bert playing

Foot up for Step and Fetch Her

Great Yorkshire Morris

The crowd mainly consisting of Morris Dancers, here

Mersey Morris doing some Border Morris

Chester Morris Men in action

Henry supervises and checks-out the dancing

...a hook leg

The lads dance whilst...

...the music plays

Outside the "Old Guys Rule" shop on Watergate Street, a full frontal of the music men - scandalous

Round the corner and down Bridge Street

Ready to dance - a candid picture of the dancers - pretty sure none of them noticed

Swing backs in "The Vandals of Hammerwich"

Question, Which Tradition - A stick, but the answer, from the hankies blowing in the wind, is Oddington

Meanwhile, back at Chester Cross

Skirmish from Bledington - We know this from the skew- whiff set (wrt musicians) a feature of said dance

Bit of a walk now to the Albion Inn

Our famous "overheads" from Brain Testing 
in the style of Headington's Bean Setting

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Photographs 2016 Thelwall Morris Men
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