42nd Annual general Meeting
  7th October 2015

The fit members convened for the 42nd AGM
Martin joined us via Skype, Henry was convalescing somewhere and Malcolm was unfit for 2hrs sitting around

Back row L-R: Kevin, Martin (projected), Jasper, Rick, Del, Geoff, Pierre, Andrew
Sitting L-R: Martin (on laptop), Steve, Dave, Rob

Andrew awards himself the Slippery Ferret (presented by Dave)
Awarded for poorest reason for not attending the morris

Andrew presents the Dull Bugger award to Dave - AGAIN

The Silver Shoes (two left feet) were awarded to Rob
A farcical display of Lichfield Vandals at Croft Carnival

Bagman's medal awarded to Henry, receiveed on his behalf by Dave attempting an awful impression
(Henry can be seen centre screen)

Andrew receives the Thelwall Morris Men's Morris Man of the Year from Dave
The TMM MMotY is voted on during the evening by the team members

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Photographs 2015 Thelwall Morris Men
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