Sandbach Day of Dance, Sandbach
  12th September 2015

Our programme for the day was Group Photo, dancing at The Market Hall, give a Workshop, then two spots at The Cobbles.
Lunch was after the workshop, rain was intermittent but the wet weather option, St Mary's Hall, only used once.

Group Photo

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This is as good as it got for our photographer - teams kept drifting in and out.
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The Market Hall

"The Quaker" (Bampton) - all hankies in the air together...   ...WOW!

"Rodney" (Headington Quarry) - everyone with the same foot in the air... can only get worse


Rob taught "Bean Setting" (Headington Quarry), after which...

...we demonstrated a hankie dance...

...then showed off what a bunch of flowery hats we had

After Lunch, a wet weather spot

Some of our members, well only Jasper, joined in the Border Morris workshop given by Doomsday Morris

Mainly Doomsday Morris and Milltown Cloggies

The Cobbles

The team regroup after the rain, with organiser, Lynn maintaining high visibility - literally

Still a damp after recent downpour

Might look like the same dance, but it isn't

One of the lads continues to think it is time to hang up his hat

End of the second spot and sun is coming out again
L-R: Del, Steve, [little head of] Andrew, David, Kevin, Rob, Geoff, Martin, Rick and Jasper

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Photographs 2015 Diana Madden, Ruth Bibby and Thelwall Morris Men
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