Anker Ring Meeting, near Nuneaton
  4-6th September 2015

Fiday night team photo minus Pierre (approx 11.30pm)

Saturday we went to Bedworth, Sutton Stop, Witherley (lunch), Church End Brewery and Baxterley
6 Dancers, 1 Fool and 2 musicians meant picture taking opportunities were limited

The team, waiting to dance

A couple of interesting signs outside the pub
3b-GHnotice.jpg 3a-GHnotice.jpg

Not too near the edge lads...

With the pub selling the "demon drink", here we are between the Devil and the deep blue sea.
(Well, Hawkesbury Junction of the Coventry Canal and Oxford Canal, really)

All the teams on our tour doing a massed dance (Four pictures stiched together)
RHS are doing a figure, but LHS had got to the chorus by the time their picture was take - which is why they are bent over.

Lunch in a wedding marquee and a proper team photo.
Clockwise from left (7 o clock): Rob, Jasper, Pierre, Steve, Andrew, Kevin, Rick, Geoff and Dave

At the end of Sunday at Coome Abbey

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