Day of Dancing - Warrington and Environs
  1st August 2015

The Heading says it all for Thelwall Morris Men in Warrington

L-R: Martin, Dave, Kevin, Jasper, Rob, Steve, Andrew, Rick, Geoff, Henry, Malcolm

Warrington Town Centre

TC-MktRoB.jpg TC-MktHO.jpg
Due to the metal seating, Kevin doesn't quite make the Heading Out

After the Market, we set off to Sankey Street for a photo with TV Celebrity, Peppa Pig


Time for a beer break

Andrew is not being rude on his smartphone but is, in fact, remotely taking the picture

After the refreshments in the pub, replacing body fluids (and for some losing some, but that's too much information)

Up Bridge Street to the "Skittles"

Down Bridge Street
Not entirely sure which of our dances puts four men on one side and two on the other

Time to leave Warrington Town Centre, for now, and head South...

Onthe%20Bus.jpg public transport (a novelty for some members of the team)

Spinner and Bergamot, Comberbach for lunch and a dance

Dancing to the audience (the whole audience is in shot)

Rain stops, Sun shines and the band plays - perfect Saturday afternoon
(Except Warrington Wolves have just lost their Challenge Cup Semi-Final to Hull Kingston Rovers)

Rob scrutenises the team dancing
Kevin's impersonation of a road sign

Everybody back on the bus to Stockton Heath


Finally, back to Warrington for a final spot

If the camera pointed the other way you would see the small, but appreciative audience

Big finish for those who stayed the course to the end of a great day
(plus Malcolm, who took the picture)

Rewarded with a touch of glamour


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