Walking Tour of Thelwall
24th June 2015

A welcome return of the walking tour - this time on a Wednesday evening.

Highlight of the evening was at the the end - no, don't mean it that way. We had news of a happy event...

At last year's Bawming the Thorn (see here), Sharon was the victim of the "unsuspecting member of the pub" to join in.
Nine months later she gave birth to a lovely baby girl - Charlie.
Nothing to do with us...   ...honest!

Back to the walking tour...

First stop was Village Close, located opposite Thelwall Old Hall - a good place for a team photo
Thelwall Old Hall as backdrop for Old Thelwall Morris

Second stop at Mobberley Close - couple of folks came out to watch

Beer break at Harlow road - quite a crowd (9 people) came to watch.
That is came to watch us dance, not drink!

Barley Road Shops is the only venue from the original Walking Tour.
A couple of passer bys did exactly that - passed by.

Last stop at The Pickering Arms

Nice long set - no - wide angle lens.

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Photographs 2015 Thelwall Morris Men
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