Easter Monday
6th April 2015

The Team on the day albeit a bit (well grossly) overexposed in places

L-R (Standing): Kevin (tall one), Geoff, Ruth (step clogger extraordinaire), Pierre, Del, David, Martin, Rick
L-R (kneeling): Henry, Steve, Rob, Andrew

Saracens Head

The team show off their "Hook Leg" movement in Oddington dance

Swan with 2 Nicks

The stick box watches as the team perform Skirmish in the style of Bledington

Pickering Arms

Panoramic view showing the team and audience watching Ruth Bibby strut her stuff

Cake provided, baked and decorated by David (Right)
Rob helps cut, as today he celebrates 40 years with Thelwall Morris Men
Cake shows "wall of thells", River Mersey, Dancers and spectators (honest!)

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Photographs 2015 Thelwall Morris Men
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