Carfest North
2nd August 2014

Once again we were invited to perform at Carfest North at Oulton park

First dance - the audience was beginning to gather - honest

Musicians of the day (Jasper posing)

Dancers and the Fool

Hunting the Squirrel (headington) - all feet in sync

A Leicester Morris Man joins us...

...and dances very well (and in wellies, too)

Team Photo - well, we're all on it

L-R: Jasper, Andrew, Steve, Geoff, Kevin, Rob, Rick, Henry and David

Swing backs in a Lichfield dance - not synchronised flatulance as it may look

Banbury Bill...  ...and we invite a young (light) member of the audience to join us

A young, willing volunteer
Lifted high with waving hankie

Looking down the set

The end at last - exhausted

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Photographs 2014 Diana Madden and Dorothy Devereux (where shown)
Webmaster: Andrew White
Last updated 03 August 2014