2nd Annual Ethnic Reception
Warrington Town Hall, 2nd June 2014

"A taste of Warrington: Many peoples, one town". This was the subtitle to an evening gathering at Warrington Town Hall.
In the presence of the Mayor and other dignatories, we performed at this annual ethnic reception a with groups representing, among others, Filipino, Polish and Indian communities in Warrington. Pictured below are team members with Zuzana Tomašikova and Gyopár Pávai who sang Hungarian and Slovakian songs.

Our performance included the long stick dance "The Vandals of Hammerwich"

One of the Filipino dancers assisted with clashing

Oh dear, wasn't expecting that

So... who else were there? Here's a couple of pix

Filipino Dancers take a break

Zuzana Tomašikova and Gyopár Pávai
(+Jasper and Rick reflecting on the singing)

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