Easter Monday
21st April 2014

The Team on the day...   ...including guest, founder members (FM) and past member

L-R (Standing): Ruth (step clogger extraordinaire), Henry, Pete Jackson (FM), Dave, Andrew, Job, Rod Goodall (FM), Jim Berry (FM)
Steve, Kevinn, Malcolm, Geoff (FM), Alan Poole, Martin, Rick
L-R (kneeling/sitting, crouching): Del, Pierre, Jasper, Stick box

Rick gets his belt - awarded notionally after first year dancing out

Malcolm's dancing debut 

Final adjustment 
Baldricks are worn ON the shoulder

In action - First dance of the day and Malcolm's Cotswold career.
Constant Billy from the Bampton Tradition

Pierre's  debut as musician

A pair of Founder Members join in Bonny Green Garters

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