Carfest North 2013, Oulton Park
3rd August 2013

We did draw crowds, but they didn't get up very close - mostly watching from a safe distance

Time for a bit of audience participation

The crowd still kep their distance - especially during stick dances

Time for a team photo by the milk stand

L-R: Henry, Andrew, Steve, Dave, Mike, Jasper, Kevin, Bibby (virtually all hidden), Rob and Rick

Steve tries his hand at milking the cow - not sure what he was expecting or what he is thinking about doing this

We danced a couple of times by the funfair

Looks like something dramatic is gonna happen here

Kevin wheels the wheelie bin through the set

The end is nigh after a long hot day dancing...

The last "Oi" of the day in Bonny Green Garters...

Steve looks how we all feel

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Photographs 2013 Diana Madden
Last updated 18 August 2014