Bawming the Thorn, Appleton Thorn and Thelwall Rose Queen
15th June 2013

Bawming the Thorn

The Music Men

Hunt the Squirrel, Headington

Bampton Corner dance. Andrew's not playing so probably Webley Jig

Stick and Hankie, so an Oddington Dance

If you could see the dancers down the even side, then all the team out on the day are on the picture.
But you can't so you can't

Bonny Green Garters at the end of the session

Thelwall Rose Queen

Well, Andrew's spotted something

The lot behind us didn't care for us - Giving us the big E

Hey Diddle Dis from Bledington down past the church - now becoming a tradition to turn the corner dancing this
See the dancers only

Stick dance - and one Jasper does, Hmm... ...wonder which

Ducklington column dance, Andrew's dancing so either Princess Royal or Jockey to the Fair

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