The Tiger's Head, Norley
6th June 2007

Yes, there really is a Tiger's Head there!

A team photo - all six dancers plus Rosie plus music man Jasper plus Tiger
Music man Derek not on camera

Those regular followers of the website will know how useless Thelwall are at lifting young girls at the end of  a dance

Kinnerton showed the way 
and Sandra* showed true spirit.

* Since the webmaster is prone to have senior moments - can someone correct me if it isn't Sandra

Kinnerton, also short of dancers tonight, line up to dance

Thelwall Morris Men were down to an absolute minimum of six dancers:
Arthur has gone sailing round Britain's Canals on his narrow boat and Kevin was pleading injury.

One of Kinnerton's Men was also injured with multiple fractures of the arm (well, near enough), but he danced out.

Kevin and the man from Kinnerton

Commitment eh?
Surgical stocking vs resin cast!

Spot the Wimp

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