East Lancashire Railway - Celebrating 20yrs Restoration
28 July 2007

It was to be a tough day as we turned out with the minimum 6 dancers (plus 2 musicians)

Back (L-R): Kevin, Rob, Andrew, Geoff, Steve, Dave - The Dancers
Front (L-R): Derek and Del - The Musicians

Ramsbottom Station

We started the day at Ramsbottom Station sharing the arena with "Quicksteps School of Dance"

Saturday Night onto the Arena

Derek, Del and an Elephant
Sorry, Derek, an Elephant and Del

Change platforms as we take the train to...

Bury Station

One of the better views of Thelwall

Andrew studies the train timetable to plan the next trip and 
announces everybody back on the train and back to...

Ramsbottom Station Part 2

Thelwall dance to the assembled crowd

One of the Quicksteps girls (reluctantly) joins in
to the amusement of her fellow dancers

Its all go as we board the train the other way to...

Rawtenstall Station

Only time for a few dances as we have to catch the train (almost) straight away back to...

Ramsbottom Station Part 3

The team, clearly flagging take a well earned rest

The chorus of "The Quaker" from Bampton

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