Presentation of cheque to Croft Brownies

Andrew White of Thelwall Morris Men presented a cheque to the 1st Croft Brownies as one of their annual donations. In the presentation Andrew said "Over the past years Thelwall Morris have danced in and around Croft and invited the audience to donate to the "Lucky Morris Hat" - Croft has given money to us, so it was time to give some back in the form of our annual donation".

One of the young Brownies gave a wonderful acceptance speach in which she said that the money would be spent on equipment and also used as a subsidy to one of their trips out. 

Thelwall regularly dance at Croft carnival and hope to attend again in July 2008.

Each year, since they started dancing out in 1974, Thelwall Morris Men have danced out at local pubs in the summer months. During the evening a collection is made and some or all of the money collected is usually donated to a local worthy cause and many organisations in the Warrington area have benefited.

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