Bedford Day of Dance
7th October 2006

Thanks are given to Willow (Mrs Dyer's Class) and Badgers (Mr Goldthorpe's Class) 
for the use of their classrooms at Castle Lower School during the weekend.

To see a close-up of the team click here

The day was a walking tour of Bedford at pubs and the Town Centre

In town, our fool did his usual interaction with the audience i.e. chatting up the girls


At the Beer Festival...

With Jenny of Bedfordshire Lace Morris, who 
is deriving pleasure from Kevin's tickling stick.

With his new found friend 
(if I knew her name I'd include it)

In the evening...  
Steve receives the change from Arthur's transfer fee from Bedford MM to Thelwall MM

A team photo at the feast...

L-R around the table: Steve, Andrew, Rob, Henry, Kevin, Arthur, Geoff, Dave, Amos

On the way home...  
You may not be aware, but Thelwall is on the outskirts of Warrington, Cheshire. 
On the way back, we stopped at the other Warrington (in Buckinghamshire)

All four in the above photo performed the Winster Processional from Warrington to Northamtonshire.
(Watch the video - 2.25Mb wmv file)

The shadow on the floor at the extreme right of the above photo is Andrew, who having sprinted 50 yards, 
after setting off the self timer on the camera, got there in time - but stood out of shot. 

Having learnt the lesson, we moved closer and Andrew stood on the inside having sprinted only 30 yards,
though no less tiring on a Sunday morning after the day and night before.

L-R: Andrew, Arthur, Rob, Geoff, Henry
Arthur's Bedford Morris Men's hat is on the sign - and yes
he did remember to pick it up afterwards

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