The Ferry Tavern

Standing (l-r): Jim (non-dancing Thelwall MM), Rob, Henry, Steve, Kevin, Jasper, Dave, 
John (ex-Thelwall MM), Geoff, Del, Stan, Derek and Arthur
Seated (l-r): Clare and Megan* (friends of Jasper) and Andrew
* Team photographer

A selection of photographs from the evening

All set to start "Constant Billy", Headington, against the setting sun

Mid-figure of Constant Billy

Constant Billy - Full frontal

Vandalls - Stan and Arthur in attendance

The Band (L-R) - Jasper, Derek and Del

At least the dog seems interested

Stan (in the middle) strutting his stuff with Thelwall

Arthur (far end with shirt tail out), settling in with the team

A spot of Apres Morris into the late evening

Andrew signs copies of the Thelwall Morris Men Book (copies still available)
Eat your heart out J K Rowling !

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2005 Maureen Britch (Team photo) and where indicated as MB
2005 Megan Huff
Last updated 17 August 2005